2020: Celebrating 100 Years of Yukon Aviation

In August 1920, Yukoners looked up for the first time and saw airplanes flying overhead. There had been short forays into other methods of keeping aloft such as a hot air balloon and a glider prior to this, but nothing notable enough to claim the sky was the domain of anything but the ravens.

Aircraft that flew under their own power was something entirely new for the Yukon, and so when four army de Havilland DH-4s flew over and landed in Whitehorse and Dawson City it must have been a sight to behold. Imagine being hired to create a Whitehorse airstrip when no planes had ever landed in the town, or hearing the roar of engines overhead while downtown.

After these first few days of aircraft history, the Yukon had many more years of pivotal moments and achievements follow. Enough, in fact, that in the year 2020 the Yukon Transportation Museum is celebrating 100 years of Yukon aviation history. Along with many other partners, we’ll be hosting events and new exhibits throughout the year. Visit this page or contact us for more information!