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2018/19 Board of Directors

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President: David Nugent came up to the Yukon in 1973 for a summer job and stayed on, working in the mines, as a log/timber frame builder, carpenter, carpentry instructor at Yukon College, and after that as the Department Head of Trades and Tech at the college. He lives at Marsh Lake, has four grown children, and lives with his wife Paulette Dufour who he met here in 1975. He has a strong interest in Trades and History and is now fully retired. He has spent a goodly amount of time coaching hockey and soccer. He prefers the rural life style to that of the city, something that originally drew him to the Yukon and probably will keep him here forever.

Vice President: Hugh Kitchen has lived in the Yukon for over 40 years. 35 years in aviation, 3 of that with Air North, then 32 with Alkan Air ­ 25 as a partner in the business. Currently he works part time with Alkan Air as a pilot, was recently the president for the Chamber of Mines and enjoys sharing history through his volunteerism at the YTM.

Secretary: Sue Greetham and her husband Stan visited the Yukon in 1984, fell in love with the people, the environment, the history and lifestyle of the pioneers. Living in the Southern Lakes, learning about the local First Nation community and puzzled by the very small businesses dotting the main highways, Sue spent 7 years developing the first Yukon co-operative of small businesses to promote them as a cohesive destination route service provider called www.southern lakes  She loves all forms of transportation and rides a 750 Shadow.

Treasurer: Norman Eady is a business consultant based in Whitehorse, Yukon. His areas of expertise include business planning and analytical research. He is a property manager for condos. Norman is a long time Yukoner and after retirement as a Finance Manager at Northwestel he has been active with a variety of non-profit organizations and successful businesses.

Board Member: Richard Roberts has been with the YTM since before the beginning. Richard is devoted to the automobile history of the Yukon and is always happy to do the homework and make the case for interesting new additions to the museum’s collection.

Board Member: George Balmer has lived in the Yukon for 40 years in Ross River, Dawson City, Teslin, Haines Junction, and finally Whitehorse… he is unlikely to go anywhere.  After passing 60 years of age he developed a growing fondness for antiques.  He has an addiction to mechanical things; his 1951 Chev truck, 1957 Piper Super Cub, LandCruiser, snowmobile, 4-wheeler, boat, motorcycle and whatever airplane project is in the shop at this moment. The Yukon Transportation Museum is extremely important to the Territory and he hope to assist the staff in maintaining and presenting it to all visitors and residents.

Board Member: David Neufeld is an environmental historian in the Yukon. He studies the intersection of knowledge and practice in both Western settler approaches to Canada’s North and Yukon First Nations’ ways of life in their sub-arctic boreal homelands. His reflexive research approach is grounded in 30 years as a community-based cultural researcher using archives and community oral histories. His complementary travel with both “hunters” and “miners” has made him sensitive to the character of the contact between Indigenous and Newcomer through the 20th century and their changing expectations of each other.

Board Member (honorary): Ken Jones (bio coming soon)

Board Member (honourary):  Dennis Blaker is a life long Yukoner. He was born into a WP&YR family. His grandfather was on the boats, his father, uncle and himself were all in the rail division. Dennis has been a member of YTM since 2001 and he is interested in all facets of transportation. He is happy he contributes to the legacy of YTM being there for his grandchildren.

Board Member (honorary): Murray Biggin has been flying and driving his whole life. He found out on Christmas of 1954 he was being shipped off by the Canadian Military to England for ‘Radar Trades.’ ­ This was somewhat of a disappointment, as he had requested to go north. Ask him about his adventures en route sometime! After returning from overseas he drove for ‘the Big Dog’ and found his way to the Yukon in 1973. Since then he drove professionally for WP&YR involving Cassiar Asbestos Clinton Creek, Faro, Elsa, Dawson City. In 1996 he joined Whitehorse Transit for six years and then in 2002 he drove for Gray Line for three summers. Murray is living transportation history.

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