Come by and see our new vignettes appearing in our model train, and others appearing around the facility.

Model Train Diorama 1:

See that fellow with the suitcase outside King’s Café?

That is 67 year old Paul Meyers just as he is entering the café to apply for a job as Cook. He will walk out the door as their newest hire.

Paul had arrived in Whitehorse on Monday, March 31 and he was hired before April 4, 1913.

A year before he had been a passenger on the Titanic. “The Sunday on which the vessel struck I was on deck listening to the band play on the upper deck. About 8’oclock one of the other passengers told me to stay on deck if I wanted to see the icebergs. About 10 o’clock I was talking to the sailors on deck when the vessel lurched. In an instant ice fell on the deck and I knew we had struck one of the icebergs. He was later told the lifeboats were for women and gentlemen, not for him. He and his friend decided to search around for materials to construct a raft, which they did, launched and floated away from the ship. An hour later the lights on the ship went out, we could see the bow gradually settling. Some hours afterward we saw the ship rise in the air and plunge down. I did not hear any band playing, but I shall never forget the cries of those drowning people.”

He was a veteran of both the civil and the Spanish-American wars. He was with the 106th Pennsylvanians under Col. Zeigler.

Excerpted from Whitehorse Weekly Star, April 4, 1913


Model Train Diorama 2:

Perpetual Motion Machine

Here Remolo Cesari is walking in the early spring 1914 on the wharf thinking of his partner, Dominic Melis. He is waiting for a steamer to take him to Dawson City.
He might be wondering where Dominic was, after all they were business partners.
The Royal Northwest Mounted Police wondered if Remolo was the murderer. On June 11, 1914 a body, trussed up with branches, was discovered floating near the down town docks.
The stakes were high between the two, they had been arguing bitterly over the rights to an invention they were working on, a Perpetual Motion Machine.
Diligent investigators uncovered bloodstained clothing belonging to Cesari, blood at the business partner’s residence, and the probable murder weapon. The RNWMP located a place along the riverbank where the stumps matched the branches tied around the body.
Cesari was sentenced to death by hanging but evaded this fate when he was shot to death during an escape attempt from the Whitehorse Jail.
Excerpted from Whitehorse An Illustrated History, p. 82