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AGM 2020

On June 11th, we will be hosting our Annual General Meeting, starting at 7pm. This will be a virtual AGM and the virtual tech will be supported by the Northern Governance Institute.



To register as an attendee, email board@goytm.ca or call us at 867-668-4792. If you have any other questions, please contact us. You need to be registered to attend.  It’ll be very easy – once registered you will receive an email link.  One click and you are in the meeting.  Thanks again NGI.

If you are unable to attend or know a fellow member who will be unable to attend, we encourage you to use a Proxy Vote 2020.


You can find relevant PDFs below. If they are not currently present, they will be added prior to the AGM:

2019 YTM AGM Minutes

2020 YTM AGM Agenda

2020/21 Budget

Work Plan Summary

Proposed Motions

Financials Report


A current membership is required to vote. You can print out the Membership form 2020 and drop it at the museum or mail it to us.  You can also fill it out and scan it. Call or email us and we will help you!

(867) 668-4792 or board@goYTM.ca


We were hoping to celebrate the work of Ed Campbell at the YTM in years gone by, as he was instrumental in the beginning years of our museum.  However this will be deferred to next year when we are able to meet, with Ed in attendance too!