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At approximately 1300hrs on August 16th, 1920 the Black Wolf Squadron touched down on the same ground the Whitehorse Airport occupies today.

TIP YOUR WINGS FLIGHT –A once in a century, scheduled fly-over will occur over Whitehorse. Pilots will be given the opportunity to ‘tip their wing’ to 100 years of Yukon Aviation.

ON THE GROUND at YTM  — The Yukon Transportation Museum will be open as an information hub. Come to the museum to hear about the best viewing spots and visit us after the air show to learn more about Yukon Aviation.


Press Release August 4 2020 100 Years of Yukon Aviation

Pilots are invited to ‘tip their wing’ to 100 years of Yukon Aviation. You can learn more about this event and how to join in this historic flight in the 100 Years of Yukon Aviation Flyer!


Check back on this page soon to read about the pilots and their aircraft that will be involved! Below you can find the map of the aircraft route and viewing sites.


Pilots from August 16th´s “Tip Your Wings” Celebration

Gerd Mannsperger, C-FFHZ, De Havilland Beaver.

Owner Operator Alpine Aviation
After having visited the Yukon Territory by motorcycle 2 times Gerd was finally able to make his move permanent to Whitehorse in 1991. After 27 Years and many thousands of flying hours and running his own Bush Flying Company he now owns and operates 4 Cessna 206’s and a De Havilland Beaver and yes he still loves planes and flying more than any other Job.



Janet Sanders

Growing up in Ontario I have always been fascinated with Aviation. In 1996 NWT Airways relocated several families to the Yukon Territory. This is where I met Gerd Mannsperger who had just started up his own Bush Flying Company Alpine Aviation. We started dating in 1998 and soon became a couple. Alpine Aviation started growing and was adding additional aircraft to the fleet and I became more involved in all aspects of the operation. Now 23 years later I’m having more fun than ever, busy as can, bossing my Pilots around ☺, and meeting and forming wonderful relationships with people from all over the Globe.


David Storie, C-GMGJ, Bellanca Scout

Grew up hearing stories of my RAF fighter pilot father flying spits,hurries typhies and mossies and pouring over his logs which i still have. He crashed 2 typhoons! I learned to fly in the 80 ‘s and bought my scout and flew it ever since. 




Stephen Grundmannis, C-FSGO, Cessna 150

While I am the first pilot in my family tree, my interest in flying stemmed from the prominent role played by the aviation industry in the lives of Northern residents. I purchased a 1965 Cessna 150 in the middle of my fourth year of university, and that summer completed my Private Pilot License, in my trusty steed which became known around the patch as the “Mustard Tiger.



Ed Peart, C-GUEG, Cessna 172

Born and raised in Yellowknife, NWT, Ed Peart started off flying gliders when he was an Air Cadet with 825 Yellowknife Elks Squadron at 17 years old. A life long passion for flying since then has taken Ed to incredible places all over the Arctic in particular, with his service with the Canadian Armed Forces, Air North, Alkan Air, and now by himself since completing his Commercial Pilot’s License in June 2020.






Frederic Kuttel, C-FZGJ, Cessna 150


I was born and raised in Switzerland.When I was around 6 years old, my parents had the great idea to bring me to a community airport.Ever since, I had had the dream of flying one of those “Flugzeug” (flying machines)!!!
25 years later, the situation presented itself – the little boy I was became an adult and I succeeded in getting my pilot license when I immigrated in Québec in 2000.
3 years later, my fate brought me to the Yukon where I had several opportunities to work as a commercial pilot and other departments in the aviation industry, including our dear Air North Yukon’s Airline.


Bob Cameron, C-FDPH, Fleet 80 Canuck


Attained Private Pilot’s Licence with Yukon Flying Service while in Grade 11 (1961), and Commercial Pilots Licence in 1970 while working for United Aircraft of Canada (Canadian Pratt & Whitney) in Montreal. Worked for Trans North for 34 years as a helicopter apprentice engineer, commercial pilot on fixed-wing and helicopters, and Flight Operations Manager. Currently retired and flying on a recreational basis.


Christoph Altherr, C-FAGC, Maule M7


I learned to fly 1978 in Switzerland where I worked In airport operations at Zurich airport and as part time flight instructor. Float rating in in the 90es in Canada. Moved with Family to the Yukon in 2000 where we ran and are still running tourism business. Also 11 years with Air North as load planner. Retired 2020 but continue involvement in tourism and current president for COPA Yukon.



Bernard Stehelin, C-FTBC, Cessna 206


Born and Raised Yukon Resident with a great respect and admiration for the Yukon Wilderness. He has been flying Commercially in The Yukon since 1992. All of his hours are cross country Mountain flying with 90 Percent of his time being on Floats. Bernard uses photography to share the stunning scenery he is presented with during his working summers.



Rod Rombough, C-FICI, Experimental L-19

I have been flying privately for business and pleasure since 1987. Have several thousand hours, the majority off airport, bush flying in the north on wheels, skis and more recently floats. Have owned and operated several types of high performance single engine aircraft ranging from a Cessna 150 to a Glasair III. Currently flying a highly modified experimental L-19.

Flying in the Yukon is one of the most rewarding experiences you can imagine. I encourage anyone with an interest in aviation to take an introductory lesson with a flight school. Join the local COPA chapter. Support general aviation. Every commercial airline pilot started out with a small single engine training airplane and a dream.