(Thank you for your interest – these positions have now been filled)


We want you!

Did you know there are lots of supposed UFO sightings in the Yukon?  Is that Yukon transportation?

Come and spend the summer learning about Yukon history and engaging our friendly visitors.

The Yukon Transportation Museum seeks dynamic individuals to fill the positions of Visitor Experience Host/Interpreter. These positions are for up to a 16 week duration with a start date of mid May and an end date of August 31st. Language of work is English, knowledge of French, German, Japanese would be an asset.

Application Deadline: April 9th at 2pm.


Project & Job Objectives:

You will assist the museum in engaging its visitors and promoting heritage within the Whitehorse and Yukon community. You will have the opportunity to be part of the Museum and heritage experience as well as assisting in the development of your oral and written interpretative skills, creativity, organisational and time management skills. These skills are transferable and valuable: they can be used in whichever field of study and employment you wish to pursue.

Measurable Outcomes:

1. Increase your skillset working with the public

2. Strong teamwork/collaboration amongst museum staff

3. Provide public with engaging museum experience

4. Foster and develop interpersonal skills

5. Expand your knowledge of Yukon history

Our goals will be met through direct training and supervision. Students will receive hands-on training prior to the museum being open to the public. This will allow you to gain the experience and confidence necessary to perform your job effectively and professionally.

The success of the position will be measured through positive feedback from our visitors and through performance appraisals. At the beginning of the work term you will be asked to complete a goal setting form that includes work term as well as personal development goals. Theses will be reviewed periodically as well as at the end of your work term.

Description of Tasks:

The Host/Interpreter will greet visitors, interpreter museum exhibits/displays and respond to questions and inquiries based on knowledge of Yukon history. This position also requires the conducting of guided tours of the museum for children, students and adult groups. The position also involves Gift Shop duties which included Admissions, Gift Shop sales, running daily cash reports, as well as general cleaning of the building and grounds. Other duties included ensuring the security of exhibit/displays and Gift Shop area, assisting with the delivery of youth programs, other activities and other related tasks as assigned by the Executive Director or Summer Staff Supervisor. Host/Interpreters will be given an area of responsibility which meets their interests and skill set and will be expected to complete an individualized project over the work term.


Week One: orientation session to familiarize students with the museum, its collection, exhibits and security. Students are given a training manual detailing opening and closing procedures, cash register procedures and inventory and statistical reporting. Students are provided with a script for their interpretive tour. They are also given additional informational resources about Yukon history and the Museum’s collection and are required to augment and personalize their interpretive tour.

In addition, students are required to participate in the “Passport to Safety” program which is designed to help eliminate needles injuries and preventable deaths of young Canadians aged 24 and under. Along with this program, students are also introduced to the Museums Emergency Plan and are trained in how to respond to various emergency situations.

Week Two: is a transitional period for the students. They will be working hands-on in their positions. They will be required to perform an interpretive tour under the direct supervision of the Executive Director. Once they are familiar with their duties, supervision will be provided as needed and requested by the student.

Employable Skills to be gained (Marketable Skills):

Communication: Listen and ask questions to appreciate and understand the point of view of others; write and speak so that others pay attention and understand.

Specific Work Situation: As Host/Interpreter, students will be required to provide interesting and informative information regarding Yukon transportation history. They will need to respond to questions from visitors in an effective and friendly manner.

Use Numbers: observe and record data using appropriate tools and technology

Specific Work Situation: As part of their Gift Shop duties, students are required to complete an end-of-day statistical report of admissions and gift shop sales using a computerized accounting program. They will also be required to perform cash-outs and balance the daily cash float.

Demonstrate Positive Attitude and Behaviour: Show interest, initiative and effort

Specific Work Situation: Students are provided with a script for the interpretive tours. They are encouraged to supplement theses tours with additional information in an area of transportation history that is of particular interest to them.

Be Responsible and Adaptable: be accountable for your actions and work independently or as part of a team, be open and respond constructively to change.

Specific Work Situation: As a not-for-profit organization, the Museum operates with a limited staff and budget. Students are expected to show commitment to their assigned work schedule and tasks and to work in a team environment.

Work Safely: Be aware of personal and group safety practices and procedures

Specific Work Situation: Students will be familiarized with the Museum’s Emergency Plan and trained in how to respond in various situations –i.e. power failure, fire alarm, etc.

Work with Others: Be flexible; respect and be open of the thoughts, opinions and contributions of others in the group.

Specific Work Situation: As an organization committed to hiring people of varying cultural backgrounds, it is vital that students be respectful of a diverse range of traditions, beliefs and contributions offered by potential coworkers and visitors.

Project management: The student and Executive Director will develop one special project which the student will be responsible for.

Participate in Projects and Tasks: plan, design or carry out a project or task from the start to finish.

Specific Work Situation: Students are required to complete a set of daily tasks that are fundamental to the operational needs of the Museum (for example, opening and closing procedures). It is imperative that students complete these tasks from start to finish so that organizational statistics are maintained and accurate financial reports are completed.

Candidate Profile:

The Visitor Experience Host/Interpreter position involves interpreting museum exhibits/displays based on the knowledge of Yukon history in order to conduct guided tours of the museum as well as working in Admissions and the Gift Shop. The position includes some basic cleaning of the Museum and grounds, security and duties as assigned by the Executive Director.


1. Grade 11 or 12 or College/University Student

2. English speaking

3. Good knowledge of Yukon history and geography (or willing to learn it)

4. Good written skills

5. Excellent oral communication skills

6. Outgoing, friendly and service oriented attitude

7. Self motivated

8. French, Japanese or German as a second language would be an asset

9. Proficient with computer use

10. Experience using cash registers, handling money

11. Legally entitled to work in Canada

12. Meets program eligibility – between the ages of 16-30 & completed eligible schooling in 2017/18 and returning to eligible schooling in 2018/19.

Related studies: Tourism, Museum Studies, Geography, Theatre, Science, History, Anthropology, Marketing, Business, Communications.

The Yukon Transportation Museum is committed to hiring woman, persons with disabilities, visible minorities and Aboriginals.


Application Requirements:

Application Deadline: April 9th at 2pm.

Applications may be sent by email, mail or hand delivered to the Yukon Transportation Museum.

Cover letter introducing the applicant and answering the following questions:

1) How is the story of Yukon transportation relevant to you today?

2) What are your 1 year and 5 year goals?

3) Tell me about something you have in your house in a way that will make me want to know more (150 words).



40 hrs per week at $14-15/hr DOE


Please submit your application to:

Yukon Transportation Museum

30 Electra Crescent

Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 0M7

Phone: (867) 668-4792


Address resume and cover letter to Janna Swales, Executive Director

These positions are reliant on approved funding