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How cool is this? Come to Yukon Transportation Museum for affordable bike rentals from Philippe LeBlond!

“The Purple Bike Project” is a great way to access a viable, fun and healthy mode of transportation while being good to the environment.

The purple fleet is comprised of bikes that have been reconditioned, recycled and/or resuscitated from donations and other salvaged bikes Philippe has acquired over the years.

Pricing for rentals:

$150 deposit on all rentals

First 2 days: $10/day

Next 5 days: $5/day

Thereafter: $1/day

After 37 days there is no further accruing cost. The rental is a flat rate of $75 and when the bike is returned the renter gets $75 back.

An example: A rider rents a bike for six days. The renter pays the $150 deposit, has a great time for six days, returns the bike in good condition, pays two days at $10, four days at $5, and is refunded $110.

A used helmet, as well as locks and cables will be provided with rented bikes. Riders are encouraged to wear helmets, as is the legal practice, and any helmets used by the riders are done so at their own risk regarding injury, lice, etc.  Philippe will have inspected the helmets and cleaned them, but a used helmet is a used helmet.

YTM nor Philippe’s Bicycle Shop assumes no liability or responsibility for anything that occurs while rented bikes are being used. Those who choose to rent bikes, in doing so, are agreeing to this.

Filling out a RENTAL FORM and signing a LIABILITY AND RELEASE FORM are required for those renting bikes.