Fascinating Yukon stories that we have curated.

Have a look at this neat little piece of Yukon and Gold Rush history! Discover some of the importance of the HEPBURN TRAIL you may not have known before.

Learn a little bit about the PEACE RIVER TRAIL to the Yukon! In 1898, it may not have been a practical or even realistic idea, but it was possible. Find out how it all happened!

Who’s got a connection to EDMONTON? You may not know this, but that city has an important bit in the history of the Klondike. Look no further to explore our connection with the Alberta capitol!

“The MILLENNIUM TRAIL along the Yukon River, which is one of the finest urban walking trails I have had the pleasure to use, is also a walk through Whitehorse history.” You may know the trail. Now learn the history! Take the Millennium Trail and Black Street stairs to get to YTM!

Here’s a little bit of YTM history! come in to see the AIRCRAFT RESTORATION PROJECTS and maybe even get a chance to see Bob Cameron himself!

Learn a little bit about the LITTLE BOATS that played big parts in Yukon history. If you’re interested and want to know what stern-wheeler steamboats look like up close, swing by YTM to see even more!

The first railroad to the Yukon was an integral part of its history. Providing an easier way to bring supplies and people into the territory made it much more readily accessible. Check out some neat WHITE PASS history here.

The early MAIL CARRIERS in the Yukon were truly a unique breed of men. The history behind the Percy DeWolfe Memorial Mail Race is awe-inspiring. Read the story of some of the toughest people ever to face the challenges of the Yukon. Come to YTM to see the mail sleigh in our main gallery!

The North’s first public transit system was created by some daring young women in the 1970s. Read all about it right here and come check out the old buses at YTM! Come by YTM to see our own MINIBUS!

HILLER is a helicopter that crashed outside of Old Crow and sat on Frozen Tundra for 62 years. The restored helicopter is right here at YTM now. Come have a look at it!