CF-FHZ flown by Alpine Aviation
CF-FHZ flown by Alpine Aviation

Crew: One Pilot

Capacity: 7 Passengers

Length: 9.22 m (30 ft 3 in)

Wingspan: 14.63 m (48 ft 0 in)

Height: 2.74 m (9 ft 0 in)

Wing Area: 23.2 m², (250 ft²)

Weight: 1,360 kg, (3,000 lb)

Loaded: 2,310 kg, (5,100 lb)

Useful Load: 950 kg, (2,100 lb)

Powerplant: 1 Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Jr. Radial Engine, 450 hp (335 kW)

Maximum Speed: 255 km/h (158 mph)

Range: 732 km (455 miles)

Service ceiling: 5,550m, (18,000 ft)

Yukon Companies: Peterson’s Air Service, Trans North Turbo Air, Whitehorse Flying Service, Alpine Aviation, Alkan Air, Tintina Air, and Black Sheep Aviation

Yukon Pilots: George Milne, Bud Harbottle, Bob Cameron, Dawn Connelly specifically mentioned in Bob Cameron´s book “Yukon Wings”, however, as Bob has said there is many many more who piloted this brilliant plane.

Visualize a bushplane… chances are it’s a Beaver. A certifiable workhorse built to excel in challenging terrain. Its pontoons, wheels, and skis, and an ability for short take off and landing distances, allowed it to access the glaciers, lakes, rivers and remote airstrips that are iconic of Yukon Aviation.

Seventy years ago, Whitehorse Flying Service Ltd. purchased a modern and brand new aircraft called CF-FHA, it was the first Beaver in the Yukon. Its quick takeoffs and landings were ideal to support the two Hiller 360s working a topographical survey job in the Northern Yukon.

CF-FHZ – the most historic Yukon Beaver is CF-FHZ it has been in operation since 1957, and despite not spending its entire career here in Yukon, she has continuously returned to serve this territory. CF-FHZ would be picked up by Pacific Western Airlines, and has served many owners; including Bob Cameron.

Later as Yukon Flying Service Ltd was disbanding “Pacific Western Airlines” would purchase and operate three “Beaver”s, two of them actually being former WFS planes.

THE BEAVER continues to play an integral role in Yukon Aviation with major Yukon airlines across the territory such as Tintina Air, Alkan Air, Black Sheep Aviation, and Alpine Aviation (still running CF-FHZ).

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