The people, events, and ideas of the Alaska Highway era profoundly changed the Yukon. In the 80 years since, we have often struggled to understand the relationship between the Yukon as a homeland and the Yukon as a frontier.
In 2022, through the generous support of the Community Development Fund, YTM partnered with Whitehorse-based Outpost 31 Media to begin exploring the world of Extended Reality exhibitions. We studied many fascinating technologies, including 3D scanning, 3D modeling, photogrammetry, animation, texturing, XR coding, AR/VR development and immersive deployment, and created several experiences that will form the basis for our future explorations into this world. Check out some of our work so far, and stay tuned for more!
The Pilots and Aircraft Recognition Program is a unique way to honour the special pilot in your life.
Set up your bike trainer, line up your playlist, and join us for spectacular journeys near locations around Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. We recommend that you select a workout playlist, drink lots of water, stretch before and after exercise and set up a fan.