The Yukon borders were closed on April 17, 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone from elsewhere was suddenly considered an alien, a potential threat. Eyes narrowed and tempers flared when Albertan… BC… American license plates were spotted in local parking lots. Yukon communities withdrew into themselves and became wary of other Yukoners. In 2020 we all became aliens to somebody.

In 1920 the Black Wolf Squadron appeared over the Yukon horizon, the first aircraft to enter Yukon airspace. How can we conceivably imagine what it was like to encounter those first aircraft, appearing so suddenly, a century ago?

In the infinite monkey cage of our universe, it is inconceivable like and civilizations do not exist out there amongst the stars. The universe contains two trillion galaxies. Our galaxy contains 300 billion stars. We have already found hundreds of potentially inhabitable planets within our galaxy. But being separated by light years make conversations difficult and our Milky Way galaxy is very big anyway (about 170,000 light-years in diameter).

It took us four billion years to evolve from the origin of life to the civilization we know today. Another planet may begin embarking on the same process tomorrow or they may have inadvertently destroyed their environment and themselves yesterday. Statisticians continue to calculate the likelihood of ever getting to meet other aliens. Yukoners talk of them visiting us all the time.

Join Nicole Bauberger and Heather Von Steinhagen as they explore alien within the Yukon landscape.