April Fools’ Day, 2019:

Massive Donation to Yukon Transportation Museum

WHITEHORSE: The Yukon Transportation Museum (YTM) is delighted to announce an enormous donation to create a permanent endowment in support of the museum. Please join us in expressing our thanks to our generous donor.

Who knows why 23 years after Albert R Broccoli’s death a clause in a will would be triggered to create an endowment to match that of the J. Paul Getty Museum for the Yukon Transportation Museum.  This amount was decided upon as a fair basis for all fantastic museums, as we all know the J. Paul Getty Museum held an endowment fund of 4.2 billion dollars in 2009.

The YTM looks forward to offering even more exciting programming in the future, and will dutifully shepherd this amazing gift to offer the best-possible experience for all visitors. Yes YTM is likely going to build a monorail and acquire a fleet of helicopters to expand our tour offerings.  We are considering a dirigible however we require board approval prior. Of course, working with Saint John Ambulance, the YTM will strive to make this museum meet and exceed its current maxim ‘Your comfort and safety are our primary concern.

Due to unfortunate events upon the cheque’s arrival, solved by quick St. John’s Ambulance attention, and our very own YTM Rex, we have decided to divert a humble four million dollars for their own projects throughout the territory.  

YTM Rex is interested in the types of Yukon transportation that run on fossil fuels like planes, trains and trucks; she certainly like the other delicious kind likes dogs, horses and people.  However, she sure will go to the ends of the earth to save her museum colleagues and visitors!

Come visit!  Stay safe!

To watch an exclusive video of the moment that our Executive Director and YTM Rex found the cheque in our mailbox, visit our YouTube channel!  

April Fools’ 2019