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Jim Robb Pins –

Add a whimsical touch to your jackets, shirts or bags with our collection of Jim Robb’s pins.

The old Post office, Dawson city – The Log Skyscraper, Whitehorse – Old Crow – Our lady of the way, Haines Junction – Sam McGee’s Cabin – The Dutchess, Carcross

Jim Robb is a Canadian artist known for his paintings celebrating the life, culture and history of the Yukon.

Robb began his artistic career working with pastels and charcoal on raw moose hide, eventually finding his way to watercolour paintings and photography. Robb attempts to capture the folklore of the Yukon in his paintings, and is widely known for his rustic depictions of contemporary and historic Yukon landmarks and buildings. Robb’s artistic style, known as “exaggerated truth”, takes inspiration from Yukon’s famous lopsided and leaning structures, particularly those found in Dawson City, which is exemplified by his 2015 painting, Kissing Buildings. Robb’s work is widely featured in books, magazines and newspapers.