The Yukon Pilots and Aircraft Recognition Program bench is a unique way to honour a remarkable pilot in your life. For a $100 donation, we will create and install a personalized plaque on the bench that sits under the Canadian Pacific Airlines DC-3 Wind Vane in front of the Yukon Transportation Museum (YTM) in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

This program is available to anyone who would like to recognize a Yukon pilot and the call sign of their aircraft. There are no specific accomplishments required to receive a plaque. Your plaque can also serve as a tribute to honour one or more persons in memoriam, a service club or an individual for their community contributions, or recognition for past or current projects or special events.

Gerry Whitley created the Yukon Pilots and Aircraft Recognition Program with two goals:

  • to recognize the special relationship between pilots and their aircraft,
  • as a fundraiser for the Yukon Transportation Museum.

Thank You for Your Donation

For a minimum donation of $100, YTM will install a plaque with the pilot and aircraft’s name on benches in front of the museum. Not only does your donation honour Yukon pilots and their aircraft, but it also supports the YTM mandate to acquire, preserve and study the history and material culture of Yukon’s transportation modes and interpretation of this history in an educational manner for all Yukoners and visitors alike.

YTM collects the information of the pilots recognized in this program. Donors have the opportunity to submit as much information as they are able and willing to provide. Information can include a description of the pilot’s life and accomplishments, a description of the aircraft (uses, owners, interesting facts) along with a photo of the plane and pilot. Does your pilot or plane have a nickname? Feel free to include those too.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.