45-Minute Cycling Videos

A fun way to stay active and explore northern roads.

Scenic Yukon Routes

Enjoy iconic routes around Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

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Indoor Cycling Videos from Canada’s North

Set up your bike trainer, line up your playlist, and join us for spectacular journeys near locations around Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. We recommend that you select a workout playlist, drink lots of water, stretch before and after exercise and set up a fan.

Videos include:

  • Timer
  • Elevation Map
  • Yukon Historical Facts
  • Route Map

Each ride is 45 minutes and display timer, elevation and a 10-minute warm-up and cool down. Because we all have our own taste in music the videos do not have sound. We recommend the Spotify playlist called Yukon Road Riding, created by YTM Executive Director.

Janna's Playlist

Listen to Executive Director, Janna Swales, Yukon Road Riding Playlist on Spotify.

Yukon Transportation Museum Launches ‘Yukon Spin’

Whitehorse, Yukon – The Yukon Transportation Museum is launching a brand new digital suite of experiences, starting with point-of-view video road rides around the Yukon, to build new kinds of digital revenue streams for the Museum. This is a simple set up: accessible with only an internet connection, a screen, and a bike with a trainer.

‘The mandate of the Yukon Transportation Museum is to connect people with stories of Yukon transportation, now we can invite cycling enthusiasts from around the world to enjoy the gorgeous Yukon roads. ’

Over the next months, we will release Carcross Corner to Mt Lorne, the Silver Trail into Mayo, and others. Users can view our brand new trailer online, and rent each 45-minute Yukon Spin individually or as a package.

‘Come ride with me into the Yukon summer. We are pleased to release our first two-part ride taking you from Fraser, BC to the White Pass Summit. I am excited to share summer Yukon bike riding with our neighbours and with those far away. Yukon biking has a long and delightful history, as well as being a great path to wellness.’

As all visitation-driven and travel-reliant sectors, including museums, work to respond to COVID-19 impacts, we have set the wheels in motion to find new approaches to deliver on our mandate, and continue to attract local, national and international visitors to the Museum and the Yukon digitally until we can meet safely in person again. We are pleased to work with Air North, Yukon’s Airline to further share this offering to a broader audience. View our trailer presented on Canadian made social enterprise streaming service The Public Place.

Thank you for the support from TIA Yukon in partnership with Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Yukon University, the Yukon First Nation Culture and Tourism Association and the Wilderness Tourism Association of Yukon and to Air North, Yukon’s Airline for amplifying our marketing efforts.

Funders: Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency and Yukon Government’s Department of Tourism and Culture.