How long has it been since you’ve been visited the YTM and checked out our model railroad?

Last month, Ron Scott from the Greater Vancouver Garden Railway Club found himself in Whitehorse after a long trip up the Alaska Highway with his daughter. He reached out to expert-on-all-things YTM model train Brian Stevens and arranged a quick tour of our fantastic White Pass and Yukon Route setup.

We like to think that he was pretty impressed, but you can see for yourself — Ron was kind enough to include a feature on YTM in the March edition of ‘Burnt Journal’, the monthly GVGRC newsletter.

We’ll let Ron take it from here — click here to read his thoughts on our model train, from pages 3 to 6. Make sure to carve out some time as winter fades into spring to come appreciate the train yourself, we’re open year-round for your viewing pleasure!