Yukon Aviation Photo Challenge: Summer 2020


Join us weekly on a virtual ‘Tour De Yukon’ and enter to win prizes.  

As we take the time to look back and mark 100 years of Yukon aviation, replete with accomplishment, adaptation and struggle, it’s impossible to ignore that 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, also brings the greatest turbulence, the highest level of uncertainty that airlines and air services both in the Yukon, and around the world, have ever faced since they took to the skies.

Let’s keep Yukon aviation close to our hearts during this time, by noticing all the planes and hangars and airports and even that little Air North car, and sharing images.

Your goal: Take a picture of Yukon Aviation.

Share your pictures on social media to be entered into our weekly draw for prizes.

One entry per image  — Two entries per image with you or your bike — Three entries per image with you and your bike

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The pictures below are examples of entries. We went to Schwatka Lake, Whitehorse International Airport and Lodestar Lane for our pictures. Try and find the exact spots or find your own. Use your creativity to capture your Yukon Aviation images.  Images from other areas in the Yukon or further afield  are welcome, please abide by Covid-19 measures and observe community closures to visitors.

Images entered may be used on social media or our website – by tagging us you are giving us permission to use your pictures.  We reserve the right to remove any images if the need arises.  A name will be chosen by random draw from the entries for the prizes. 

Enter lots, enter often!

Worth: 2 Entries          

    Worth: 1  EntryWorth: 2 Entries                Worth: 1  Entry        Worth: 1  Entry      Worth: 1  Entry   

    Worth: 1  Entry



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