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Yukon Wings Book

Thorough, authoritative, and filled with over 700 superb previously unpublished photographs, Yukon Wings is an illustrated history of the birth and development of the aviation industry in the Yukon. An astonishing book of ingenuity, courage and determination, by engineer, researcher and pilot: Robert Cameron.

Yukon Wings is the extraordinary story of aviation in the Yukon and Canada far north, from its earliest beginnings with primitive wood and canvas biplanes to the sophistication of the modern jet age.

It is the story of almost superhuman perseverance against accidents, disasters, impossible operating conditions and heartbreaking disappointments that would have crushed the spirits of lesser men.

It is the story of faith and courage, of pilots who flew aircraft made of wood, steel and cloth, in conditions of bitter cold, relentless snow and zero visibility, often through unforgiving mountain passes that had taken the lives of airmen before them.

It is a story of the feistiness and guts of men who defied crazy odds to sink everything they owned into their fledgling air services only to lose it all in some horrific setback, then come back and begin anew – not just once, but over and over.

It is the story of hard-driving competitors who fought tooth-and-nail for their share of the market, in defiance of all “common sense” standards of normal business practice.

It is a story of men who challenged 40-below temperatures to overhaul a seized engine under an improvised canvas tent hundreds of miles from civilization, or who desperately struggled to save a valuable airplane from a watery grave as it clung precariously to the thin ice of a spring thaw.

It is the story of the triumphs and tragedies of men who tenaciously persisted in their determination to bring safe and reliable air service to a frontier land.

And best of all – it is a true story.


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