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Century of White Pass & Yukon Route Equipment

For over three quarters of a century, Carl Mulvihill has been riding trains, taking photographs, and documenting the growth and changes of the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad in Skagway, Alaska.

The son of a senior conductor, Harold ‘Mickey’ Mulvihill, Carl’s connection to the WP&YR dates back to 1900 when his grandfather, William John Mulvihill, was the Chief Dispatcher. Throughout his life, Carl has been unquestionably the world-renowned authority on the history of the WP&YR Railroad.

This book represents a lifetime of work by Carl. Century of White Pass & Yukon Route Equipment documents inventory, data, and photographs of the engines, rolling stock, and miscellaneous equipment used by the railroad since the first tracks were laid down the center of Broadway in 1898.

Published by the Yukon Transportation Museum, 2022.


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