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White Pass and YR Handbook

Your Mile-by-Mile guide to the scenic attractions on the White Pass narrow gauge railroad – C.E. Mulvihill.

After arriving in Skagway in June, 1948 — or indeed almost anytime in the last 119 years — the logical thing to do is to continue traveling north on the White Pass & Yukon Route. In 1948, that meant taking the train to Whitehorse, and from there a White Pass riverboat to Dawson City. The trains once operated year round but today they only run in the summer and only go as far as Lake Bennett, roughly halfway to Whitehorse.

This “hand book” provides a guide to points of interest on the entire journey from Skagway to Dawson City, including a sidetrip up the West Taku Arm of Tagish Lake on the Tutshi (which, the hand book notes, is pronounced “too shy”). Only one train a day operated in each direction in 1948, and the trains often stopped to let passengers take photos. Today, as many as ten trains leave Skagway each day, most of them taking cruise ship passengers to the summit of the rail line and back.


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